I am having this guitar for almost an year now. Its an IbanezRG370DXZ. The problem i face now is whenever i slightly touch the pickup tape(clothe like thing wrapped around the pickup!) when i do palm muting and all it making a humming sound.
I get the humming on bridge and neck pickup position only.
when i select humbucker and single coil combined pickup position humming goes away completely. whats the issue?
good question i guess an easy solution would be to add pickup covers. But to me I find they muffle the sound of the guitar

the only ones I like are these kind of course we'll get kids going "OMG ARE THOSE EMG" but it's simple for those who don't know what pole spacing is
is this a common problem in guitars? i dont think pickup cover is a good fix for me. any alternatives? will wrapping insulation tape around pickup help?
Possibly a bad ground or loose wire, but why are you touching the pickups when palm muting? Sounds like you're pushing very hard.
Problem is guitar if the sound make different. If the loose wire or any mistakes are occurred in your instrument.