hi i've been looking forward to by a tube amp that i could get for under 600.
i mainly play indie music like pavement, sonic youth, mbv, dinosaur jr. etc.. I'm looking into something that would be great with a fender jazzmaster and several pedals as i love playing with delay, fuzz/overdrive etc... I would really like to get those nice indie "80's/90's" sounds.
i play most of my time in a flat but sometimes also gig so i would like to have enough power to play with a drummer
i've been looking mostly through fender amps, i saw a "twin red knob" for 600 and a "super 112" for 500. Are those good for what i'm searching?
i know the red knob twin is super loud so if anyone has played with it, any info about how it sounds on very low or when removing the two center tubes would be appreciated.