I am learning Linoleum by Nofx and the intro is quite fast. I've found a really good tutorial on it and can almost play it at speed but I am dead noting just by dead noting.

In this tutorial this person is dead noting twice with his left hand over the strings AND with his right hand on bridge is it really necessary? I can get heaps more speed if I play the space or dead notes with my hand off the bridge.

I've just recently changed to a 1.50mm pick and it's getting "jagged" in the strings as I attempt to get these mutes in very quickly especially when my hands on the bridge the pick just goes in ruins rhythm etc. I am closer if my hand is off the bridge and I just

Is a X a X? It's probably going to be as I am not sure I can to this speed with my hand on the bridge and muting on the neck but wanted to see what people think.



Double Palm Mute
don't really get your question entirely but yeah, you gotta mute those fretted notes in the intro. the guitarist on the cd is actually setting the pace with those mutes before he starts playing the verse. it's really not that hard -just takes practice. think of your pick as the power and your fretting hand as the switch. turn it on/off as needed.

that lesson guy is doing it on an acoustic, an acoustic responds differently then an electric. if that is working for you then that's cool.
Thanks for the advice basically asking

1. Must I mute with my left hand on the bridge and my right hand covering the strings
2. I can mute once in between playing the chord simply by releasing pressure on the E5 and strumming the dead notes.

Strumming the dead notes is alot faster than keeping my hand anchored to the bridge and picking muting twice.

At the start of the video I do it the way the guy in the tutorial describes. I then revert back to just normal dead notes and do it the only way I can get some speed...does it really matter double mute or not

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I think you get a slightly different sound with the double mute. If you think about it, there will be a difference in the way the string vibrates between the 2 methods.

Different style of music but at the beginning of Foo Fighters 'All My Life' I find I have to double mute to re-create the sound.

That said, if you are happy with the single mute sound for the song you are playing then it's your choice.
I am not convinced he is double 'muting'

Looks like he is playing it my way just with the left hand mutes in this video his hand moves to much for it to be anchored to the bridge


It sounds 'good' my way IMO which is the right way


I am definitely getting mutes on the A and the D though pretty sure low E sounding too...As long as you have the mutes in there it sounds decent, if you cut them out if you can't keept the speed or whatever it just sounds wrong.