...because I finally got myself a 'real' Les Paul Killer.

A 1979 Yamaha SG1000 to be precise. Here it is:

I've been looking for one of these for years - the SG1000 has become something of a 'dream' guitar for me and I'm absolutely thrilled to have found a good one. It has a little bit of buzzing due to fret wear and some tuning problems caused by the strings catching in the nut, which can be corrected, but otherwise, it's in great shape considering its age. clearly it has been played a lot, deservedly so, but also properly looked after - and the only change that has been made is that someone has turned the neck pickup around, probably to brighten up the neck pickup coil splits.

Now, for the obligatory long review:

As you would expect, the guitar plays much like a les paul, only with the added benefit of better upper fret access thanks to the extra cutaway. People often say the necks on these are thinner than les pauls, too - not the case with this particular example. Mine has a nice chunky rounded profile that's tapered so it gets a bit slimmer towards the nut.

While it looks like it has the standard les paul style controls, there's a lot more going on in this department than meets the eye. In addition to coil splits, activated and deactivated by pushing the top of the tone knob like a button (instead of those clunky push-pull pots), it has no-load tone pots as well - while these features are fairly commonplace nowadays, it seems quite unusual for a guitar made in 1979.

The sound is pretty les paul-like, with a nice, rich midrange, but seems to have a wider frequency range as well (deeper lows, crisper highs), and you could go away and have a bite and you'd still be hearing the sustain... It really does have impressive sustain - I don't joke around when it comes to spinal tap references The humbuckers have a very open and articulated response, in addition to the sweet sustain, which makes it extremely expressive for lead work. I think I'm noticing a pattern here: old humbuckers, for whatever reason, seem to respond to the nuances of the player's technique more than modern ones, in my experience. On another note, I usually find that coil splits are uselessly thin, sterile imitations of a true single coil tone, and this guitar is no exception - that's a preference thing more than anything. They don't add much to the guitar's versatility and functionality, for me, but they don't take anything away from it either... At least the switching mechanism is cool, though.

A really great thing about these Yamaha SGs is, they can occasionally still be had for considerably less than the price of a brand new Gibson Les Paul... I'm just sayin'

I could write an entire essay, talking about each and every little detail about the guitar, the history of the yamaha SG series, etc. but then there'd be nothing to discuss and this would essentially be a blog.
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Pretty much my favorite Yamaha except for the TVL. Nice score!
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I wanted one of these for years. Now I finally have the money but I have neck and shoulder problems I can’t play heavy guitars. So congrats on scoring a great vintage axe and know that I’m jealous of your awesome guitar.
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Been after one of these for a few years now and have noticed their price going up recently,
maybe since John Fruscante said he only plays an SG1000 now.

Build quality is amazing and i would put these up against a les paul any day of the week.
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I have an SG2000 which I bought new in 2011. Seems next to impossible to get a new one today though. Yamaha seems to be pushing their (just slightly less impossible to get ahold of) 1800-series now, with more standard parts and features and boring aesthetics instead.

Bring back the original SG-series, Yamaha!
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very nice score!

congrats on a great instrument.
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Nice guitar!

Is that a RoadKill 2X12 I see too?
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Thanks for all the replies so far. The good news after seeing my local guitar repair guy today, he thinks it won't require as much work as I first thought to get the fret and nut issues sorted, and therefore won't cost as much as I thought either

Yeah, I think I forgot to mention the weight. I thought my Hagstrom Super Swede (from the same year) was heavy... But it's feather light by comparison with this

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Nice guitar!

Is that a RoadKill 2X12 I see too?

Yes - it's a "stag" 2x12 with eminence screamin' eagles with a detachable rear panel so it can be used as an open back or a closed back. The speakers were chosen to best match the kind of sound I wanted with my musicman amp - all my other cabs had extremely british voiced celestions which just sounded a bit too 'stabby' with that amp.
I like analogue Solid State amps that make no effort to be "tube-like", and I'm proud of it...

...A little too proud, to be honest.
for some reason ive always thought of yamaha as the cheap shitty brand, but holy ****ing shit that thing looks incredible. how does it sound?
Sweet I really like the vintage Yamaha SG guitars one of my favorite guitar players Rik Emmett from Triumph used them, both the single and double neck versions. Rock on! HNGD
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for some reason ive always thought of yamaha as the cheap shitty brand, but holy ****ing shit that thing looks incredible. how does it sound?

Yes, I think a lot of people get that impression from Yamaha - It's an understandable misconception, because it's very easy to overlook the best products they have to offer. I think their main focus as a musical instrument manufacturer is to provide affordable instruments, as well as tuition via their music schools, for beginners.

The thing you can't really see from the pictures is the flawless build quality which is something Yamaha are capable of doing with impeccable consistency when they want to. The SG range is a fine example of when Yamaha wants to make top quality guitars

As for the sound, I might record my own demo once I get the fret wear issues sorted, but this will have to do for now, as an example of what a Yamaha SG sounds like:

I like analogue Solid State amps that make no effort to be "tube-like", and I'm proud of it...

...A little too proud, to be honest.