I am looking for a simple recording software program that I can use to record myself with. I only play acoustic guitar and sing, and I want to be able to record some songs I've written. I'm not interested in adding any layers to the songs or any additional instrumentation - just me singing over the acoustic. Can anyone recommend a cheap and simple software program to be able to do this? I don't have a very good singing voice so maybe something that could help give my vocals a more polished sound. Thanks!
Look into Mixcraft and Tracktion on the PC, Garageband on Mac.

Maybe even one of these standalone recorders if you don't need much, there are some smaller Tascam, Zoom, etc. products that are hardware with built in mics that might be easier to operate if you don't have the hardware and don't want to learn the whole PC setup.
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"Polishing" vocals requires some effects. With a decent mic and good technique, you won't need them as much, but in general, you'll want compression and limiting to smooth out wavering in volume, EQ to add richness, and a tiny bit of reverb and/or stereo delay to give it some space.
Even if you don't use all those at once (or any of them), you'll want something that can add basic effects, and adjust them in real time. What I'm saying is, don't use Audacity.
GarageBand is a good place to start, don't know about Mixcraft. A full-featured DAW like FL Studio is probably overkill.
I first started using Audacity, and even as a beginner, I felt audacity was just a terrible program. Then I switched to Reaper, and what a difference. It felt like a windows program and most of the tools came pretty intuitively. The main thing I grappled with as a beginner was how Reaper automatically creates .wavs anytime you hit the record button- it took me awhile to learn how to organize my project files and all of my wavs and then toss out the junk. And reaper comes with great plugins too stock- but of course, learning how to use them and mixing in general takes a long time and a lot of experience and practice.
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