I'm looking at a pair of Blackout-7s. The hardware on the guitar I want to put them on is gold, and I've seen the Seymour Duncan shiny gold pickups and they seem like they would match the hardwar color perfectly. I've looked and don't see any blackouts for 7 strings that are sold with that playing on it. On active pickups like that are the covers replaceable and would I be able to just get a pair of gold covers or would I just have to call and ask SD if they can make me one?
I've taken a blackout apart as it didnt work no idea how the customer broke it but long story short it's impossible. If anything you'd have to put a cover over the cover, it would be like a bigmac of covers
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I don't think you can remove the covers on active pickups. The electronics are epoxied in place.

I just called SD they said they have them for 6 strings but don't make the shiny gold for the 7 string blackouts so they'd have to custom make them for...

200$ a piece. 400$ for a pair.

I'll stick with the black cover lol 😂