Hello awesome people of Ultimate-Guitar! I come here today to share my cover of Cliffs of Dover! This is no ordinary cover though....this is on CELLO!

I am a 4th year student at Berklee College of Music and have been playing cello as a classical soloist for about 10 years. I always have loved to rock out and improvise/shred on cello, as I first played electric guitar (and still do). I hope you guys will enjoy this video and share it with other people who will find it awesome!

That totally freaked me out. You are awesome. I always wondered what Eric Johnson's music would sound like on a violin because that's what his guitar sounds like. I suppose the cellos range is pretty close to a guitar. They should make cellos with cutaways .

I would like to have seen the actual performance.
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Thanks a bunch! Yeah the cello has pretty much the same range as guitar, so playing a lot of songs like this is a good fun challenge! I've done other songs like Carry On My Wayward Son and Beast and the Harlot. I'm thinking of putting together a playthrough video with the drummer and bassist on this!