I've a Peavey XXX 212, saw a Mesa DC-5 (112) at my local shop. How well do 50w, 112 combos do compared to 120w 212's (ie, band scenarios)? The DC-5 seemed easier to dial in accurate tones playing by myself (which, in reality, is what I end up doing most of the time), Graphic EQ got my attention. Also smaller/less of a hassle to move. But how will the reduction in speaker and watts affect playing with a drummer or drummer+bassist? I mean that in general but if anyone's got specific experience wit the DC-5 I'd appreciate it too.

And if you've got experience with both: As far as distortion quality goes, is this a good swap (that is, I won't be downgrading?)
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50 watts, tube, is usually enough for a band practice room scenario. But it depends on the size of the band and what they're using. You might get buried. I'd stick with the XXX, but I'm not familiar with the DC-5.
Projection is more of a concern than volume i would recommend setting it on a stand or something higher so its not projecting at your knees. In a perfect world it would be mic'd, however i have done literally hundreds of open mics un amped with a 50 watt tube amp (trace elliot speed twinl) and have been fine. Gigging it would have to be mic'd IMO.
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