got bored. started tempting myself with the idea of covering white light white heat....and one thing lead to another and suddenly I'm trying to do 3 part harmony's, speed freak yelling and trying to figure out the optimum position of three microphones for a drum kit where im literally using the toms 90 percent of the time. That being said this is not a note for note or even chord for chord cover (theres only 4 ). I missed out on some lyrics, forgot about the crazy fuzz bass ending thingy and felt the need to omit the honky tonk piano cause my casio rapman didnt cut it. Also I left the tv on for all 8 tracks of the song so there is white noise/tv hum. somehow managed to not pick up the show I was watching while playing these parts. anyway enjoy or be violently appalled i get off to either so it works out.
main thing to fix here is the overall mix and the mix of the vocals in particular. throw some serious compression on those.
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