Ok, I am looking into ways of controlling the various "expression pedals", as I've heard them termed, in various software out there like NI's Guitar Rig. Stuff like Wah, Rotary, etc.

The thing is, it seems that the only expression pedals I can find are ones for keyboards or come as part of an effects switching floor control panel.

I'm not looking for either of those atm if I can help it... I don't know if I'm just ignorant and not searching under the right name, or if something like this doesn't exist on it's own?

I know I can go out and get say the NI Rig Control interface and it'll allow me this option, but it's an entire floor panel and I'm not looking for that if I can help it as I've already stated.

Am I just ignorant of the proper name of this device, or do they not exist?

I have USB 3.0 and 2.0 sockets and both are of course backwards compatible.
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They don't exist in usb form.
There are midi pedalboards with switches and exp pedals, but no single exp pedals I'm afraid.

Your best bet is to get a behringer FCB1010 and whatever midi usb interface.
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Aww, really? That sux. With today's artists using more and more laptops/pcs/tablets live (the pub crawl type, not mega stars )... one would think someone would have made at least a single expression pedal with usb interface for midi control over various effects... guess It's off to boards then... the entirely overly expensive route for what I was looking to do... I don't need all the setting saver switches just an expression pedal or two. Thanks though, looks like it's off to find something, perhaps that one you mentioned or going even further to the NI Kontrol Rig if one can still be found new in box somewhere... it being discontinued for some odd reason...
"grateful is he who plays with open fingers" - Me


I used a FCB1010 with amplitube for a while, and it worked fine. You can get one for like 80-100€ here, if you go used, and they are pretty durable things, so you should be fine. It does take some effort to program, since the learning curve is pretty steep, but after you figure it out its easy. I would recomend it. I doubt that even used Kontrol Rigs would be as cheap as the fcb1010

I do however remember that NI also released an audio interface in a wah pedal housing. It looked like a standard crybaby pedal, and it was used to control effects in Guitar Rig. It seems to have been discontinued tho.
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