Hey everyone,

Not completely sure whether this is the right thread. The other option was to post in the Promote Your Band thread, but I'm not really promoting just asking for critique.

I am an amateur musician from South Africa and I'm looking to get some input on my first two home produced songs from people that aren't obligated to say they are good They can probably be classified as progressive rock ballads though I've never really been one to be good with classifications. Fade Away seems to be getting some good ratings on musicxray.com, but I'd like some criticism rather than just ratings.

During the writing stages I liked The Unknown way more, but after recording it just feels like Fade Away is a stronger song.

So if anyone has a spare 10 minutes head on over to my SoundCloud page and let me know what you think.


They were both really awesome songs. The Unknown was my personal favorite. But Fade Away was very heartfelt. Keep it up!

Hello Jake,

I completely agree with Travis! These songs have strong musicianship and deep lyrics and you have a warm comforting voice.

I hope we get to hear more of your music. I will follow you on Soundcloud.

Keep writing!