You will see a picture of my guitars in pieces if you click on this. It is a conglomeration of many different styles I think. I like all kinds of music and have recorded lots of different types . Blues, rock, bluegrass, old country, heavy metal, classical, jazz. Some of these I am adept at, some not . Yes the name of the song is cheeseburger have to call them something.
If somebody listens to this and makes a comment on it I'm going to feel obligated to return the favor.
Hey, man! Thank you so much for the constructive criticism on my song, I really appreciate it! Really exciting tune you have here. There sure is a lot going on in this one. I hear where you go jazzy, and where you go bluesy. Pretty cool touch! I really enjoy your lead playing on this one, sounds very 60-70's -ish. Nice tune, man! Good job!
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