Would anybody be willing to tab the picking in the intro? I have got the chords down for the rest of the song but I just can't get the very beginning. Thank you.
Here is how I play the song... To me, the intro is just based on the chords I have... If I get a chance i will tab it out for you... I am assuming you are talking about the acoustic guitar and not the electric one...is that correct?


By the way, there were two versions I saw on you tube.. This one and one that was shorter and a verse left out... So this is the longer version

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Thanks a lot Don, and yes I was talking about the acoustic part. The version you put above is the one I've always had. I was missing that Am in the verse which sounds much better. I really appreciate it.
I sent a message to ayreon77 ... He will more then likely tab out the intro and may even do the lead guitar solo parts as well.... Ok... So look for that tab soon of the song...
ok don here is the intro, its tricky but its the best i can di, and yea i might tab the electric out but put this on your tab