Hi, yesterday i got a 60 watt Peavey 6505 plus 112 amp. After playing it for around two hours, it has started to crackle. Sounds like a bloody fireplace, its my first tube amp and i am no expert. Any advice appreciated thanks in advance. Side note; i got it form ebay was new in the box, sold a surplus stock.
Probably a tube issue.

Try engaging/disengaging the effects loop to see if that makes a difference.

If there is any warranty on it then I would return it.

Otherwise you will need to buy a new set of tubes and swap them out one by one until you find the culprit. Given that it is a supposedly new amp you should not be having to do this.

EDIT: Is it the same if you are on the clean/crunch channel? If not, that may indicate which tube is faulty.
Thanks for the reply, i have contacted the seller, i believe it does have a warranty. Its just a total pain in the arse to send something this large back. Luckily i kept the box.

I just tested its only on the lead channel,.
Thanks man, i'm gonna see what the seller says first, it was from a store so they might send a replacement. Ya never know!
I don't know if it's worth sending back. See if the seller will cut you a deal and you can source some JJ tubes on your own. Normally you will have to pay for return shipping.
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