I have an Ibanez RG1527 Prestige 7 string that I am very satisfied with, it's the best guitar I've ever played.

I'm looking to get an Ibanez RG 6 string model for less than £200 (buying second hand)

I'm basically looking for one that has a good quality, comfortable neck and can be set up with a nice low action (probably with a floating tremolo bridge as that is what I'm used to and get on well with.) that doesen't feel cheap and crap like some of the really low range Ibanez guitars, although I know that I'm probably not going to be picking up a Prestige or a Premium for that price, haha.

Anyone recommend any good models they might have tried before?

I'm going to be honest, even used you're not going to get much guitar for less than £200.

This is about the best deal on eBay right now: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Ibanez-rg-420-/281774280632?hash=item419b0e4fb8 but even that's smack in the middle of their non-prestige, non-premium range.

It'll be good value, as long as it's in good condition, but it won't feel like your RG1527. Trust me, I own four Ibanez guitars (including an RG1527) and the Prestige range is a real step up from everything below that.
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yeah if you're used to a prestige then the regular line stuff is liable to disappoint.
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