I saw this video of what seems to be an amazing pedal, you play a couple chords into the unit and then it plays the band behind you in many different genre at different speeds of your choice. It seems like for someone like me who is a beginner and would like to experiment and just to have fun with it without getting a group together is this a neat pedal to have.

Does this really work as well as the advertisements show it? I would like to have some real life experience by people that own them Thanks!

PS - Are there any other version of this by other companies that may be better?
I don't own one. But it does what it's supposed to do. All it does is give you a drum and bass backing track. I do prefer the Beatbuddy since it has a lot more options and it's expandable. It also sounds a lot better but it lacks bass. The sound improvements aren't enough to make it better though. The Beatbuddy is great for learning how to play in different time signatures. I'm interested in that so the Beatbuddy is more appealing to me. The Trio is probably better for a beginner since the patterns are simpler and you dictate the key and chord changes. Having the bass is useful.