Hey guys I'm in the states at the moment and have the opportunity to bring back a couple of cool pedals that are hard to find back home. Currently using a Flashback X4, 2 Carbon Copys, Boss Rv-2 and TC Hall of Fame. Carbon copy are my go to and use the oscillation at lot. Flashback replaced a DL4 and a Nova Delay but only really used for looping so got a ditto X2 to save space. Rv-2 stays in the loop of my Superego and HoF is used for spun out trip reverb.

Basically looking at everything echo related. What are your favs? Am intrigued by the Death By Audio stuff quite a lot. Timeline? Memory Lane?? on the verbs front i'm deciding between a WET, Afterneath and a Caitlinbred Talisman. Can't decide between them!

I do a bit of noise/shoegaze stuff, all into the front of 2 parallel amps. Hollow body and jazz master guitars if this helps!

Love to hear your thoughts

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Seems like you have it pretty well covered but if you have the money, yea blue sky, timeline or flint. I've been considering the flint for reverb and I can afford it but dang it cost more than some of my amps. That sort of makes me hesitate a bit.

Echorec might be worth an investigation:

El capistan
Stereo memory man with hazarai
Star lite
Echo dream 2
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Seconding the EchoRec, and the Flint adding:

Death By Audio Reverberation Machine
Blackout Effectors Cadavernous
Walrus Descent
Red Witch Titan
Boss RE-20 Space Echo
Dr Scientist Reverberator
Pigtronix Echolocution 2
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