With my setup at home I have a small Behringer Eurodesk mixer that I route all of my signals through (interface, standalone synths, etc) to minimize cable jumping with my monitors. Recently I was doing a mix for a friend and it occurred to me how much the mixer could be coloring what I'm hearing and affecting the mix outcome to some degree or another.

I'm just looking for some thoughts and opinions on this and if it's something I should be looking at bypassing/upgrading down the line for a "truer mix" so to speak.

Thanks in advance.
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A few years ago I was thinking the same thing, but in reverse, I.e. maybe working in the box is not coloring my mixes, so I busted out my Eurorack 2004 crap mixer from my rehearsal space, put in outboard comp, reverbs and soinic maximizer and mixed outside of the box and compared, results were negligibly different, in other words can't say that I could hear it, maybe a few things jelled a touch better thanks to the master reverb but I learned to do that in the box with another reverb algorithm.

Are using the mixer to track or monitor, or do you mix through it?

For tracking you could do a bit better, if you don't have need for multiple channels maybe get a single channel preamp, if you need more you could maybe move to Allen & Heath mixer. Mix Wizard series is a great value.
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The mixer is just for routing various sound signals into my monitors. Right now I have my Mackie Blackjack interface, Roland GR55 and POD HD500 plugged into separate channels on the mixer which is then outputed to my monitors (Yamaha MSP5s). Like I said I use it to prevent cable jumping between each device, I'm not using it for routing in outboard effects for mixing just curious if the Behringer preamps that I'm plugged into would color the sound much or at all to adversely affect my mixes or if I should even worry about it.
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