sounds like a good price to me, if it's in good condition and doesn't require you to invest anything further on it.
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I have an SG2000, but this is a different guitar (more like a plain top LP). It's easily the quality of an LP (probably better for the year it was built). The asking price sounds reasonable, but I have a feeling there's more to the story and some slop in that price. You need to see this guitar in person, and you may be able to knock that price down (he IS asking for a best offer) from his somewhat hopeful posting.
It looks like it needs a bit of love (frets aren't looking too great) but nothing major at all. For a 700, $500 is a good price, but it sounds like you could take him down to $400-450. Ask for a photo of the serial number so you can look it up just to confirm and be safe, but this is a good guitar you can get at a good price.
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