Greetings Madmen and Goodgirls
here's my new track for your delight and delectation, another tightly arranged experimental number from your favourite enigmatic Englishman. Leave a link if you want a C4C and I'll gladly oblige.
Here's the song, called "Psychoblues".
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Thanks for the crit! That being said...

Oh man, I absolutely love this! It puts me in mind of Frank Zappa and Les Claypool. Beautifully done! Everything works so well together and your voice just brings everything together. Very theatrical and very well put together. I'll be listening to a bunch of your other works, love it!
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Sounds cool man, you've got that style that is easily noticed, if one of your songs came on the radio I would know it was you straight away from the style of guitar you've got! I think your music skills are fantastic, and I like the harmonies in this one too. Thanks for the crit on my tune
Hey Jathon,

Your music, particularly this track and 'Suffer Gently', I found really interesting to listen to. Very unique and expressive. (probably the most unique music I've heard for years) It's always nice to stumble across something different.

I like how you play the guitar as well and what notes you use. The music as a whole just has a vibe about it that I like. All sounding good production-wise as well which is nice so it does the music justice.

If you're interested in some C4C, here's two options:

'Adrunodun' (a new piece - quite lax)


'Unstable Alien' (the 1st track from an album called 'Insights Into Insanity'... this option is a bit more toxic ;p)
I enjoyed the hell out of this. Its very dissonant. The leads are great; they remind me of Vai. Its a catchy song.
Thanks for the crit!
Jathon Delsy - I appreciate you taking the time to listen to Green City and writing that in depth review of it. Thoroughly enjoyed that!

Psychoblues - This song sounds twisted and perverse in the best way possible.. unique and carefully thought out from what I am used to hearing in this forum. It's executed well.. you can hear the subject's struggling dilemma into psychosis. Awesome stuff and looking forward to hear more of your stuff on your channel. Thanks for sharing.
Hey man, thanks for the crit, as soon as I opened the video and recognised it was you I knew I'd be in for something interesting!:

The style of the song is clearly something that you are comfortable in; reminds me a lot of the odd/tongue-in-cheek style that Frank Zappa used on his tracks. The theatrical combined with the guitar works well albeit restricted by the artificial synth sounds against the harsh guitar. I'm sure it would sound sweet with a real string section playing those parts though!

The guitar phrases though are written well and the stop/start nature of these parts are pretty sweet. Vocals work in this manic style quite well - you definitely sound like you'd have good delivery on a ska style track (maybe give it a go if it's your style? hah!) but nonetheless this is clearly a style that works for you.

Not my immediate go-to type of track but solid nonetheless, cool stuff man.
I have to say, you have a very unique style of composition. I think watching a video of you perform the song definitely made it better.

First thing I noticed was the drums. I don't know if you recorded them yourself, or it's virtual software, but well-done either way. Kick and snare are were they need to be, and the room/reverb is perfect. I really enjoyed the lead playing, kinda wish it was a bit louder, but still nice. As for the (lead) vocals, I can't really crit much, other than maybe bring them to the front of the mix. To me, it sounded like your voice was a bit behind everything but the drums.

Otherwise, a very trippy song (in a good way). I'd definitely recognize your style if I heard it anywhere else!
this totally reminds me of the cardiacs! i went through a phase of absolutely loving their music. i really enjoy the vocal harmonies that weave in and out. VERY trippy man. cool stuff, very different i like
Thanks heaps for the review man, I greatly appreciated it!

Your song certainly grabbed my attention. The introduction was my favourite part. I just really liked the stabbing guitar and orchestra combination. Reminds me a bit of Pink Floyd, but at the same time it is quite unique. The layered vocals reminded me also of Queen. The guitar playing was perfectly good, the mix was quite nice, I can't really fault it.

Good work, keen to hear more of this style!