After having sold my Les Paul Traditional a few years ago, I was really wanting a good Gibson Les Paul again. I contacted the guy I sold it to and asked wether he still had the Traditional, but he had sold it on. But, he also mentioned a second hand Les Paul Classic being for sale at a respectable, but smaller store as a special for the 15th of august, which is a national holiday here.

I was sure to be there a bit before the store opened, because I at least expected some one to also have seen it or heard about it and be there as early as possible; and I was in luck. Showed up as the first client of the day and he let me in 10 minutes before his opening hours. It was my first time going there, but I had heard a lot of good stuff about the owner and the store in general.

Played the guitar for an hour through a '74 Fender Super Reverb and it was plain great. It plays better than my traditional did and it sounded just about as good. There was no way I'd let this guitar leave the store with someone else.

So, let's get a picture and some specs.

It's a Gibson Les Paul Classic 1960 and it was made in '99 or 2000 according to the serial number. The finish is a vintage sunburst or a tobacco burst, I'm not sure. The guy from the store said tobacco, but it could be either, really. Anyway, I like the finish and I actually like the plain figuring a lot better than flame or quilt.

The neck is a 60's slim taper neck, which feels great in my opinion. The pickups are the 496R/500T combo and they're decent, but nothing more. I like them a lot for cleans, but I'm still undecided on drive sounds. Maybe a tad too dark, although that might be the guitar itself or me being used to an SG also. Rosewood fretboard with older looking inlays, which looks nice I think and doesn't look that fake.

It came with the original case and papers and I paid just under a grand for it, which is dirt cheap here. I can probably get a third of that in profit should I want to sell it. But for now, it's staying with me for sure. I'm giving the pickups some time, but I might change those out for something like BKP's or Seymour Duncans.

And then I have a sound clip to top it off. Only cleans, the chords are the bridge pickup and the solo is the neck pickup. Same settings, just added delay for the solo.

TLDR: Gibson Les Paul Classic for under a grand!
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Looks and sounds fantastic!
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Cheers guys. ^^ Really loving this thing. Haven't pulled my SG out of the case since I got it.