3 or 4 weeks ago my g string/ 3rd string broke and I haven't put a string on it ever since..but now i just got my string and I'm gonna change the whole thing and I'm worried that it will break the neck or any part of my guitar cause of the tension. and yesterday i loosen all the other strings left cause i figured it would help but idk..should i take it to guitar center and just let them figure it out and change it? and how much does it cost? please help that guitar was expensive and i wouldn't want to break it or anything.. so heeelppp.. also it looks like the neck is not straight straight. -.-

PS: i know its long but please i need help.. thanks
I highly doubt you'd have done any damage to the neck after leaving one string off for a while, but if you can, post a few pictures of the neck, it might help us determine whether the neck has actually warped at all or not. Loosening the rest of the strings may have had an effect however.

Also, restring all of the strings, if one breaks the rest are usually ready to go too.
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