Do you do this when you can't get the speed? I am having a go at this part



I am well off....it's a bit of a project but I am much faster tapping with a pick on the higher frets. I can use my finger and often used my middle finger but not to the speed of the pick.

Does everyone do both?
You can do it,but the sounds differs.I don't know the song,but hear which one fits for the song.
why exactly are you faster tapping with a pick than your finger?

plus you can't do proper legato that way
modes are a social construct
I can pick tap faster than finger tapping. It's like a spasmodic vertical chopping motion, similar to how cocaine is chopped in the movies. Kirk Hammet actually uses pick tapping on the original solo of One. I think the attack makes it seem faster than it actually is.
both methods work and both sound different. tapping with the pick can pull notes out of intonation if you aren't careful.
Satriani does that all the time - it allows you to tap incredibly fast - See the intro to the Surfing with the alien solo.