Hello to the people!

I've been playing around with tapping for a few days (been playing for a year) and I've noticed that when I tap, it's really easy to get it while resting my hand and a bit of my arm across the strings, and I can play with my middle and ring fingers (pinkie's useless) while still holding a pick. I'm playing on the high e string mostly.

But when I try to do it with my right hand hovering over the fretboard like Synyster Gates (of A7X) or Dan Donegan (of Disturbed) I get this horrible, weak sound. It's pretty similar to what happens when I use my pinkie in the resting position (see above paragraph).

I'm thinking that my issue might be due to my not having enough strength in my right hand (but I am right-handed). Can anyone out there recommend exercises to strengthen my right hand (well, actually, my fingers, I guess)?

Thanks in advance!
Don't rest your right hand while tapping. Using your left to mute the other strings is almost necessary because you use a "striking" motion. I kinda think of it as almost a snake striking.
There's also two basic approaches, if you're holding a pick. Mine is similar to Pat O'Brien's in this song (~1:43), while others use their index finger like Jack Owen (the bald guy). http://youtu.be/WCzDRZxSKO4
If you wanna see practically flawless tapping technique, including sweep tapping watch this. I almost quit playing guitar after seeing this live. http://youtu.be/2H76LUCBIUg