Just gonna through this out there.......
I've got an annoying problem while turning/adjusting the volume on ANY instrument!... or volume pedal... or acoustic pickup with a volume....etc,. Looks like a classic sign of a dirty/worn volume pot on the instrument etc,.OR a bad cord...but not so. It all started when I successfully cleaned the Master Volume pot and all others on my 1991 Tube Works RT-2100 MosValve+Real Tube OverDrive 100 watt Combo Amp. Concept and Design by B.K. Butler. I used a can of Deoxit Gold G5 spray. It worked GREAT! Noisy Crack POT SOLVED!! But not so fast grasshopper...Now it's developed this annoying glitch while adjusting ANY volume going in to the input ...either channel. I have switched the Master Volume pot out of the amp...no diff. Cleaned guitar pots...changed cords...different power outlets...tried ANYTHING with a volume...to no avail. Still got the problem. What could be taking the input signal and making noise ONLY when it is being adjusted with a volume pot? Any suggestion? I have soldering skills and can work a multimeter. By the way...the amp works perfectly normal on both channels. All amp pots are clean and no noise.
Signed, Baffled