Hello there!
Let me introduce my thrash/death band CORPUS. We've just released our debut demoEP "Ordnung muss sein!"
CORPUS "Ordnung muss sein!" (FullEP)
Corpus @ facebook
Corpus @ bandcamp

Of course every opinion - both on music and production - is required .

P.S. If you like this sound and need some help with production/editing/mixing/mastering - feel free to contact me .
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The vocalist is not really that good. I feel a lot of times female vocalists in extreme metal are kind of gimmicky and most of them tend to be fairly mediocre.

The instrumentation is solid, though not anything extraordinary. You guys at least have your fundamentals down.

The production is very clean and you can really hear everything, though I think it would sound better if it were a bit grittier.

Overall I would say not bad other than weak vocal performance, but unfortunately nothing unique and therefore pretty forgettable. But being able to make a solid, slightly overproduced album is better than garbage music with garbage production, so from a technical point everything is there. So you at least have that.
There's no such thing; there never was. Where I am going you cannot follow me now.
Thank you for your - bittersweet - opinion!

I must add, that I totally don't agree with your "rating" (from the lack of a better word, because I don't mean opinion ... sometimes it's hard to translate from PL to ENG) about Martha's vocals .
Obviously there are - here and there - some vocal mistakes, along with guitars, drums and bass, but her overall sound is what we want, both in the sung (Drug and ABBA verses in some S. Nasic style) and growled parts (choruses for Ordnung) .
Of course, the fact that you don't accept many feme-vocals is obvious, and I'm not arguing with that. All I want to say is that these vocals are exactly what they were meant to be on this record .

Of course you're welcome with your opinion and I hope you'll hear and enjoy our future LP better !