I have a awesome dual humbucker stratocaster, except for the fact that all of the electronics are pitiful. What I am planning on doing is replacing the stock passive humbuckers with a set of active Emgs. I also want to switch the wiring to PTB so that I can have extra control over the clarity of my tone. But sadly I have no clue as to wire a guitar and I am wondering if anyone with more experience nodding guitar wiring can help me. What I am looking for is if any of you know where I can get a wiring diagram or if anyone can jot one up.
try the X series EMG pickups for more clarity firstly , they can provide you with more clarity right out of the box without 18v modding. The 81x , 85x , 60x ..etc all exist. the X is indication of the updated circuit inside them.

the closest thing to a PTB you can do with actives is one of the bottom selections the RPC or the EXG potentiometers , the EXG seems like the closest thing to it. I'd honestly put both into a strat for an active 3 band EQ as passive only does so much anyways. They are solderless anyways so it's win win for everyone as some people are terrified of soldering irons.

I've tried say for example a bass cut on actives and it either did nothing or was hardly noticeable where as a tone knob works unconditionally.