This is a much better cab and it has good speakers in it for $377 or $388 depending on the style you want (for the 2 types on sale)

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Hey dudes, as much as I love my Mesa 4x12 I have back issues so carrying it sucks, so I was looking at some 2x12s and I came across this cab https://reverb.com/item/957627-panama-guitars-road-series-horizontal-2x12-guitar-cabinet-mora-graphite-white-mbc. Its got some pretty cool features and its got a decent price, anybody know anything about them?

Hey man, Lee here. I am a Brand Ambassador and Beta Tester for Panama Guitars and I own cabs of all shapes and sizes, and at least one with each driver they make themselves. What kind of genre are you playing, venue, etc? I can definitely find something that will work for you.

Let me know!
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