If I were a poet
I'd write a poem, I'd change the world,
I'd write a song, I'd write my love.
I wouldn't only care about how many hours and how many days,
how many years.

If I were a poet
I'd write you down, a masterpiece.
I'd write you down, a love like this.
I wouldn't tell you how water flows, what bugs eat,
how flowers grow.

I'm not a poet, won't change the world.
Can't write a song neither my love.
I care about how many hours and how many days.
How many years it takes
to write a love like this.
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I enjoyed the idea of the poem, with practice you can do even better, go even further.
There are 2 sections, prolly would be even better if you started writing from the poems point of view then from the poets point of view and then from the imposibility of being the poet, the poem and the expression of it, at the same time, this segmentation is what causes insatisfaction, therefore we always want to write more.
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