Hello again!

I picked up a barely used 2002 Marshall JCM2000 DSL401 last month, pretty much mint, just one small section on the back with peeled tolex. The guy didn't have the original footswitch, so I figured I'd build one, as I don't feel like shelling out $70+ for one.

This amp takes a two button switch; one button to switch between the clean and OD channels, and a button to enable the boost on the OD channel. It also takes an additional 1 button switch to turn reverb on and off.

My first thought was to build it all into one switch, however, the biggest problem is the cable. Ill need a beefy 4 wire cable that I can split into two sets - 2 wires for the two button section, and 1 wire for the 1 button section (shared ground wire)

I actually came across precisely this from SwitchDoctor, however, again, I don't want to shell out that kind of money for a footswitch.

When I first got the amp, I emailed Marshall requesting information in regards to what switches will work with the amp, Kevin Drury responded suggesting the M-PEDL-91003(2 button) and the M-PEDL-10001(1 button). Anyone got any clues where I could find schematics for these footswitches? Any clue on where I could get 4 wire cable that would be sufficient for this?

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Those are just simple latching switches for each function. The schematic for a generic on/off footswitch with or without an LED is easy to find online, so all you have to do is multiply that schematic three times and mate two of the outputs to one stereo jack instead of two separate jacks.

For the cables, you'll want to use a dual TRS, or you could simply zip-tie a stereo cable and a mono cable together.