Selling these because the band is dead and I don't need millions of amps and cabs.

The head is wonderful, it really is. 100w, switchable to 50w and 25w. 4xEL34 so a bit Marshally in gain sounds, but the cleans really shine. Not as loud as most 100w monsters either, and not as big and heavy. I changed the knobs for chicken heads because they're easier to see on stage, I could dig out the originals if need be. I also had it modded by Panic Music. These reissues had a problem from stock where the volume was just too quiet for smaller gigs. Carvin sent me the resistor that needed changing and full instructions, so it's a proper job. Comes with Roqsolid cover.

Not keen on posting, but we can talk. £350


The cab was a custom order from Roadkill. It's basically one of their Stag models, but made to be used vertically and with an angled top speaker. The speakers are a V30 and a Classic Lead 80. Nice mix, IMO. Few scuffs here and there but in great condition generally.

Again, not keen on posting. £300


I'm based near Cambridge, I can meet up if need be.
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