So, I'm new to this site, and I just want to know which genre of metal (my favorite brand of music) I can make by myself, without the use of a guitar (or at least any conventional instrument) as I don't know much on how to use them and am trying to explore different music I can make for a beginner. I am thinking noisecore if all else fails, but I've heard that even that takes a guitar. I have also heard some people using garageband to make noisecore, but would this work? I also heard black metal can require just one artist to make. How about other genres? Are there any other genres I can find in the metal brand to make music for that just takes a single artist? And could just learning to sing along with using some kind of MIDI program in the background for tunes in the background work? I can't drum or use the guitar for shit, but what about just singing along with some computer program that can easily be managed both at once to create a single sound (or song)? Are there any other genres in metal that would allow me to make some fairly headbangable songs with just one band member without having to use a guitar (or bass)?
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try guitar pro or tuxguitar. they're basically the same. i'd reccomend tuxguitar since it's free, but you can get a cracked version of guitar pro 5.2 with utorrent or something like that. get a feel for how the program works and create your own genre