Long story short, I would like to know which pickups would be best for a tone more suited towards metal and in particular the sound of Stratovarius.

This will be my first real mod to a guitar and want to make sure I do it right.
I have a little bit of experience with soldering from when I had to rewire my bass.

This is my first post so I'm sorry if this is the wrong thread.
All help is greatly appreciated! thanks
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this was insightful for Timo's pickups of choice. Special thanks to the seymour duncan forum.

At first Stratovarius's album he used Dimarzio D-Activator set. Next three albums were recorded with EMG 81 (b. & n.). Then he returned to DiMarzio. Some albums were recorded with DiMarzio Bluesbucker(neck) and Dimarzio Evolution Bridge(brirdge). Now he probably uses a D-Activator set again.

I'd go with the d-activators they sound like emg pickups anyways but more wiring options, no 9v battery and more versatility as I found EMG pickups to be pretty sterile and lifeless. Where as the d-activators I usually think of John 5. However... google and see Timo's ESP guitars to see if say an alder bodied tele will work well with it, i joke with guys all the time putting say james hetfield emg pickups into ibanez or say an all maple godin that james would fly back to california for a new signature set if that was the case as every guitar wood has tenancies to sound this or that way.

but don't forget pedals , amplifier settings and all can be fine tuned to his signature sound. Pickups are what 10-20% of our sound? i guess this numbers subjective for those to quote me. I go as far as different string materials (not brands) and picks myself. But the easiest solution to try first is a fan made preset of your favorite stratovarius songs that may exist on a line 6 or something similar preset
if your running single coils, get some Duncan hot rails
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