Just saw a video of a cat getting brain freeze posted by the Sun (a UK 'News'paper), has no credits whatsoever for any creator/uploader. They also put their own watermark on it. Quick youtube search and it's a video with about 10k views. The Sun post has 140k views, clearly not related to the original video at all.

Made me think about a load of stuff that various outlets post of other youtube videos, like a million HowToBasic videos I see not credited to the channel, and that whole He-man thing.

Copyrights elsewhere seem to be pretty heavy (Music usage and all that), so why do the laws on internet usage seem so lapse? Is it merely because there's no big money fueled team of lawyers to defend these people? It just seems kinda wrong, when it can be a legitimate way of making money, which can be easily undermined by somebody downloading your video and posting it to the right people to make it viral with absolutely no credit to the creator.

Anyway heres the video
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You can claim copyright and many people do, especially against proper organisations like the Sun (and who are under our copyright rules) . It's just with the with way the internet is, a lot of content creators don't have the time or resources to chase down every infringement. I figure most don't really care too much if they're already making a bit of money off of it already.

slightly related, I heard reddit wanted to put dickbutt on a billboard thinking it was just some free meme they could do whatever with but the creator (kc green) stepped in and was like "nope" and alluded to having to do this with other usage people kept trying, ie merch.

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Yah, trollface is also trademarked too, so whenever you see it anywhere that isn't user generated content, it's probably been paid for.

I wonder if Valve paid for trollface when they used it in a Dota 2 smiley.

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adding to what has already been said earlier, copyright laws also differ a lot between countries. while in some countries they are pretty strictly implemented and followed, it's not the case in many.
so even if there is an infringement in an altogether different country trying to enforce it and getting damages is not easy.
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