Not expecting (m)any replies since I post in GP6 but hey maybe some can get something good from this. I write in a pretty typical style for the most part, so it's not much about time signature experimentation.
Haven't put much work into this as I'm sick of the main melody, it's like when you listen to a catchy song and end up hating it. Drums/bass I'd improve first.

The mid section probably doesn't transition well. I'd change it for a recording.

PS I know someone eventually posted in my last thread and asked for C4C but I didn't read it until months later as I got no feedback and let it go. Sorry.
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hey man just listened to it

pretty awesome man not much to say , just an all round good song with difference in sections but still keeping it cohesive , nice melodies

the break is very nice , and the build up after that is nice too , vocals would make it complete

only thing i dont like your is sound quality , sounds a little bland.

other than that great song would be epic if u recorded this with real instruments

can u c4c wolfpack rising for me its in my sig