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"Tapping Begins"

How do I tap 21 pull of to 19 and hammer 17 in the same run? So I pull off to 19 my finger is on 19 I then lift it and hit 17 from the open string? Sounds wrong. Is it a typo? 5 star tab though..


It's almost certainly a typo of some kind, either that should be a p (pull-off rather than a hammer-on), or the 19 should be a lower note. No idea which, because I don't know the song, but this is a relatively common typo in tabs. You get used to spotting this kind of thing when you've been reading tabs for a few years
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Ok got the first line to practice

I tap 17 pull of to nothing and tape 19
I tap 17 with my middle finger have my left hand actually behind my right hand and pull to to 19

I've never seen a doube tap before.

If you tap 17 it automatically pulls off to something so you can't tape 17 and 19 because when you take your finger off to 17 it goes to a note other than 19

wat da feck?
Anyone wanna have a stab. I am leaning towards tapping 17 pulling off to nothing then tapping 19 I guess
I don't understand where the confusion is.


Have your first finger on your left hand on fret 17, and your third finger on fret 19. Use your right hand to tap fret 21.

Tap fret 21, then pull off your right hand which will play fret 19, and then pull off your third finger which will play fret 17.

I don't see any other way to explain it.

EDIT: Just saw you are talking about a different pattern.

The way I would play this is use my left hand, first finger 12, second finger 14, third finger 16, fourth finger 17 and then use my right hand to tap 19. Alternatively you can use your right hand to tap both 17 and 19 but that will require you to slide from 17 to 19. It will be easier, but wouldn't be playing it 100% as it is written.

EDIT AGAIN: Or if you want to play it exactly as it is written you would need to use two fingers on your right hand, so use your first finger for fret 17 and your second finger for fret 19.
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