I currently run an Em-Drive clone at the front of my rig, followed by a handful of true bypass pedals (I'm planning on replacing the AFIII with a Timmy and add something with a little more gain after the OCD). With the Em-Drive being such a simple circuit, there is a ton of room inside of the enclosure and I was thinking about adding a Klon buffer into the pedal to get a decent buffer at the front of my chain. I figure this should be an easy and cheap enough mod, so even if there isn't a ton of change, it's not a huge deal. I'm going to use the TL072 build found here.

What I don't know is where would I wire the input and output from the buffer on my 3pdt switch?

Thanks for your help
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The buffer remains in the circuit whether the pedal is on or off, so I'd wire it like this:
Input jack --> buffer input
buffer output --> switch lug where the input jack used to be connected

I don't know if that's the optimal method but I'm pretty sure it would work