Off the bat, I would like to say that the guitar recording is pretty squeeky and bad (it was 2am and I was MAYBE a bit tipsy ) But yeah, havent written an acoustic song in awhile and the production on this is really weird and kind of bad imo, so if you would can ya critique the songwriting? Thanks, I will C4C if I have the time!!

i really dig the production. reminds me of a song that would be on an older radiohead album if the more talented and experienced present day radiohead went back in time to record said album instead of past radiohead... yea. Songwriting wise... i like it? sorry, im not great with critiquing writing other than the fact that you wrote something(which not everyone can do, so high five!) and i like that something(double high five!)
will say it could probably be a tiny bit more fleshed out, maybe have some more instruments come in at some point, but then the acousticness of the song would be compromised, so i dont know. nice work though
Hey thanks for the kind works gratefulduck! Im haha I'm glad someone likes the production lol. In terms of added instruments, im in a band and I haven't written an acoustic song in a long time so I feel like it would be interesting to see how this song would work full fledged, never thought about it!
Hi, really like the intro guitar parts - they compliment each other well. Vocal melody is ok, a little too melancholy maybe. Words told a story, so alright from that front. OK song overall !
When you said "that's when I saw you standing there" I wish a drum beat came in right there, I can really feel it just exploding there.

Nice song man.