I've decided to learn the guitar and have no idea where to start.

I would like an acoustic guitar and am right handed.

I've set a budget of around £200. Believe that to be sufficient.

It would be great if you could also recommend a tuner and any sites.


£200 for a first time ever acoustic and tuner is more than enough. I bought my first korg tuner from amazon for £5 and it does the job simply and easily. That leaves you £195 to buy a decent acoustic, look out for something like a fender acoustic with that budget.

Also if you don't have the ability to take in person lessons then there are a couple of websites out there that you can subscribe to for lessons. It's what I did and it's really enjoyable and fun and it's like having a friend teach you. Doing it this way lets you take things at your own pace which I think is a plus. I won't name the website in case you're not allowed to on this forum but if you just google "online guitar lessons" you're sure to find them.

its very important one. if you are interested in guitar so you will get one good class and go study for this.
I use the gStrings app on my phone. Works great, and is free. You can try it out, before buying a tuner.

EDIT: This guitar looks and sounds great for 200gbp: Lindo LDG-BF

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I got my first acoustic in November (2014) it's an Epiphone DR-100 in ebony and in my opinion it is a fantastic guitar. After playing classical and electric ('97 bullet strat) for just under three years I got this beautiful acoustic for £90 and I would highly recommend it.

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