I'm thinking of buying a Martin Custom D Rosewood from a private seller. He'll take $400 (they retail for about a thousand, and go for about $700 used). He claims it plays great, but it has a broken piece on the back that's been repaired. Thoughts? Buy? Pass? I'll obviously play it to make sure the usual stuff checks out. Photos attached.
Thanks Tony. I posted this on Guitar Forum too. I'll probably go see it in person. I've read elsewhere that most bangs like this don't impact the sound, but I want to see what others think.
Looks to me like it's been bodged not repaired. A luthier would repair it so that you can hardly see it.

Factor in $200 or so to get it done properly and if the neck angle is OK?

If you want it offer him $300?
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Who does a quality repair and leaves it looking like that?
But yea, probably a good buy if the rest is OK.