Hey y'all, my band released a video of our single called Green City. Would love to hear what you think!

Definitely C4C - I am interested in hearing some original tunes on this forum. Thanks for listening.

Great work here. The retro feel of the video worked brilliantly. The whole thing, the combination of the surreal dream like fractured sanity alien visitation of the film and the languid spacey timorous washes of the music all melded together seamlessly, to create an experience that keeps me fully interested.
Cannot emphasise that enough. Both the music and the video are excellent on their own, but together they work in perfect harmony, creating a world on the edge of sensation and rationality, a fleeting flighty world of strangeness and weirdness, where continuity is more and more punctuated with a psychotic descent.
Listening to the music alone, I love the organ, with its rich tones and slight distortion. Fantastic atmospheric vocals, in fact the layered little voices and synths all work to create a strong, moody atmosphere. The sudden entry and exit of the loud beat works well. Too much of this would have ruined the song, but its dynamic movements work well.
A well arty creation, really excellent, more a piece than a song. Excellently produced and engineered, full of eerie evocation and an almost palpable freshness,,,,
For a choppy change you can C4C here.
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This song made me incredibly depressed.. in a good way. I love music like this. Was very interesting to listen to and quite unique compared to the garbage people are spitting out these days. Great production on the sound too. The mix was really great. I didn't notice anything wrong with it as i listened that I find that uncommon for these forums. so congrats! I enjoyed it! Go give my weird ass acoustic song a listen!

Followed you on soundcloud as well. "Marth" is awesome.
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I really like it. Reminded me of a better version of my old band, like what i wanted it to be. The only thing i didnt care for was that sample toward the end. Just wasnt feeling it. but the production was great. real dreamy. Not exactly the kind of stuff i wanted to here at work at 5am, haha. When im fully awake id love to hear it again
I absolutely love the vibe of this track. It works perfectly with the video and the style of the video is perfect. You guys captured the old film style perfectly as well. I love how dreamy this feels. It kind of feels like you're in the same position as the main character. This is something I would love to listen to while just driving around in the car.

Great stuff!

And for something totally different:
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