Hey everyone, the title essentially explains it all. I attempted the vocals on "In The End" by Linkin Park. Not fully happy with it, I can hear there are 'things' wrong with it, but I'm not sure what these 'things' are anymore. I think I've listened to it one too many times. I'd love to get your opinions.
I've been told in the past that I'm terrible at timing. Perhaps that is the issue here? Thank you!

In The End (Vocal Cover)
OK, you have great voice and obviously a lot go talent so I'm going to crit this as if you were a pro.
1. yes timing is off a bit at the beginning - just a matter of learning to count beats and bars
2. when you go loud you go too loud and push beyond what you are capable of - a very slight reduction in effort and more control need.
3. There's a tiny bit of SSS in the recording on the high notes
4. While your pitching is OK at the start around 2:20 it goes completely! and there are lots of flat notes after this. I suspect you get carried away and stop listening to yourself at this point - again a matter of control.
Hope this helps.
Warning; brutally honest feedback (I always feel like that is the best)

1. You're out of tune quite often. Sing with the vocal track and learn to hear yourself be in tune vs that. Then adjust, and teach your ear what it sounds like to be in tune.

2. It sounds like you're closing your airway a lot more than you should to be hitting those notes. Chester has a good yell, but he does it by increasing airflow and only slightly constricting his chords, not by solely constricting his chords (this is why he is clean while quiet and dirty while loud). You seem to be forcing that dirty sound. Try to open up your airway more, and increase your airflow.

3. I can't tell if this is a problem or not, but it might be involved with #2, but don't bend your head when you sing. This could be causing some of your airflow issues as people who aren't comfortable with that range tend to look towards the sky or some shit like that in an effort to get just that much higher.

4. Timing is off in a lot of places, mostly cut very short by at least a half note to a quarter note. If this is not intentional then look into breathing exercises.

5. Listen to your recording again; do you hear that shaking in your voice? Usually that shaking is attributed to vocal muscle memory or weak vocal muscles. The solution to this is practice, but practicing the correct technique. If you have trouble holding a note that is within your range then either you haven't been a singer for too long or you need to correct your technique.

Hopefully that helps!
This is exactly the kind of thing I was looking for, thank you guys.

So essentially, I'll need to work on control rather than just singing it out full-burst, I need to do breathing exercises again (Stopped, for some reason). And on the Chester style vocals specifically, learn to sing the notes with an open wind tunnel more.
Epic stuff.