My current rig is a Schecter Black Hawk and both pickups are starting to gain some rust. Normally I've got no problem with rust, but it starting to affect the sound of the guitar, and I'm looking at getting them replaced. I was thinking about some Seymour Duncan 59's or JBs or both :P and advice would be awesome
the JB/59 or the JB/jazz are an excellent combo many guitars use as you can get so many sounds out of them but pick an album/artist and go with it. The internet is great because we can find out what famous players used down to the gauge of strings and even sometimes amp settings but every guitar has a different need I find and we compensate to try to get the same tone guitar to guitar.

the jazz pickups similar to the 59 just a bit more brighter, perhaps there is a good youtube comparison. I'd go with either without pickup covers. The JB pickup a legendary guitarist by the name of Jeff Beck helped design the JB pickup or so the legend goes but JB on paper stands for jazz blues or something like that. It's a hot pickup with lots of treble and an aggressive bite when we want it to have. Even for metal guitarists it's a great pickup too. The distortion is really nice too but again check out and see what a lot of your favorite bands use.

a good pedal , amplifier or guitar processor goes way further than pickups in my opinion. The only reason I'd change pickups is if they weren't hot enough as all my guitars coil split and so forth so coil splitting vintage sounding pickups is pretty wasteful to me.
Tom Anderson H2+ in the the bridge, Tom Anderson H1- in the neck.
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Tom Anderson H2+ in the the bridge, Tom Anderson H1- in the neck.

Great choice.
I have them in a couple of guitars (replaced Duncan Invaders with them in one), and they're really good, but most folks in these forums aren't aware of them.
BTW, I'm curious what a bit of rust has to do with the sound of your current pickups? It's not a big deal on covers/screws.
It doesn't sound as clean as it used to, its more twangy and has loads of feedback, none of these were around when I bought the guitar. Ive put new strings on it and checked over all the electronics and everything seems okay, and it certainly isn't the cords, as I'm using two Fender noiseless with my stompbox which isn't causing it either. The rust seems to be just on the poles of the pickups too if that helps.
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