My wife wants to learn guitar, and is interested in an acoustic. Her issue is she's a small woman, 5' 0" with fairly small hands. On the other hand, I am 6' with big hands.

I would like to pick something up we can both play. Not knowing if she is going to stick with it, and me only wanting to noodle around on it (I am a bass player mostly, although I think picking guitar up might be fun...), so I don't want to pour cash into the efforts.

So I figure a 3/4 size guitar, with a budget limit of $150.00 should keep it reasonable, and still get me something usable.

The options I am looking at are...
#1. http://www.musiciansfriend.com/guitars/ibanez-pf2mhopn-3-4-mini-dreadnought-acoustic-guitar

#2. http://www.musiciansfriend.com/guitars/yamaha-jr1-mini-folk-guitar

#3. http://www.musiciansfriend.com/guitars/fender-ma-1-3-4-size-steel-string-guitar .

We have had plenty of experience with each MFG in electric instruments, the question is, are their acoustics at these price points any good as far as beginner, and eventually campfire usage type guitars goes?
actually had a jr1. imo it's a better guitar then the other two in fit, finish, playability, and tone.
Same situation here. Wife is 5 footish n small handed, I'm 6 footish with big hands. I picked up a Fender FA-100 full size. $100 bucks, MIC but I was impressed with it. She doesn't have any trouble with it.
I like the Fender, the shape makes it comfortable to manage for a new user.
The Yamaha might sound a little more robust.
i'm 5' 3" with small hands, and until i injured my shoulder, i played full sized dreads for over 30 years. you can find 11 year old kids playing dreads on youtube. we had a jr1, and with the right stings you can get it to sound okay, but some aren't well intonated and with the stock strings it sounds sort of crappy. that's true of the other two, also. can you take your wife to a guitar center, let her handle some guitars, and have you play some to her so she can decide which she likes the sound of best?

my experience is that the worse a guitar sounds, or the harder it is to play due to poor setup, the less likely a new player will be to want to keep playing. you might want to consider something a little bigger or more expensive - a little martin sounds better to me than the guitars you list above, as do some of the less expensive options like luna guitars and the lower priced alvarez guitars.

btw, ad_works above is my husband, and he's 6' 7" and never had any problems playing our mini dreads or my short scale basses.
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Yes a small ed Sherran like Martin or baby Taylor would be the best. If you want to least having a sporting chance of your wife keeping it up and progressing. It's worth the extra out lay and keep their price if you want to sell later. Second hand one eBay.