Hey everyone,

I am about to go to France for half a year and struggle if I should really take my Taylor 114ce with me or buy a Taylor Baby instead. At the moment I tend more to buying the Baby Taylor, but need your help in choosing the right model.
Personally I don't really need a new and mint model or guitar. As long as it has no damage to it and plays to tune I would take it. After browsing the web I got a bit confused in terms of models. The current models seem to be: BT1 and BT2 (BT = Baby Taylor) + the BBT (Big Baby Taylor)

But I found some - seemingly - older guitars/versions of a Baby Taylor, called Baby Taylor 301 and 305(-GB)

Is there someone who could help me further? I could get the 305 really cheap but hesitate since it is not listed on the official website. Is this a real Taylor (jus an older model) or a fake?

thanks a lot

The Big Baby is 15/16 sized, just slightly smaller than a regular dreadnaught. I think the Baby is 3/4. I'd opt for the Big Baby, it's very nice. Frankly it sounds better than your 114ce in all likelihood.
Note it also depends on what is more important, sound or size. The bigger the guitar the better the sound. But small guitar is better for traveling.

I watched a Youtube video of a guy saying he bought a Taylor Baby purposely for a gig on a sailing gig. So considering this guy did it on a boat and was paid to do it, I can't but think the Baby will suffice. But again, it depends a lot of what you need/prefer. His reason was size and sound and I have to say sound from what I heard on Youtube was quite good.

Ironically I am on the market and Baby is on my list of possibilities. Was #1 now not so sure.
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