Hey Eric Berg - Thanks for checking GC and reviewing it - really appreciate it.

Capitanian Extinction - Sweet fingerstyle technique and loved the combination of the bongos/cajon box drum.. It gives the song that overall earthy tone. Playing in the forest reinforces that. I love doing that whenever I want to try and feel inspired when writing acoustic instrumental tunes myself. My favourite part is the 2:47 section when the piano comes in. The variety/ different sections this song has keeps my ears focused and interested. Overall, great playing and each musician adds a synergy to the piece. Looking forward to more of your acoustic project. I subbed you on Youtube and followed on Soundcloud. Cheers!
Oh man, this is just great. So much energy and so much variety that you just can't stop listening. Really love your style on your acoustic there. You just make it look so easy while showing how complicated it really is through your sound. This is an absolute astounding piece and I can't wait to hear more from your acoustic project.

For something totally different:

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Hey dude, thanks for the detailed critique!

The piece starts really nicely, sets the tone, sounds very mysterious and country. First thing I can gripe on is probably just the shaker being a little too loud when it all kicks in. The volume level for the strings is just below the level of the guitars which I think works really well.

The piece kinda reminds me of the soundtracks in Battlefield 2 haha. The structure is quite good, it makes sense and there is a recognisable melody too. The video is pretty interesting too, I like it. You guys look really into it, which is always fun to watch. Aside from the shaker early on in the thing, the mix is really good.

Good job man!
thanks! And yes, that damn shaker drives me absolutely nuts. it was the last thing i messed with and I got a little ear fatigued and didn't realize it until it was too late. ='[ We learn from our mistakes i suppose.
Very, very good stuff you've got going on here. The percussion works really well, although the shaker is a tiny bit sloppy sometimes which takes away from it a bit since it's so hot in the mix. The guitar work is really good, love it actually. The strings work well, but, again, might be a bit hot in the mix. Doesn't detract much from it though. It's got quite an orchestral feeling despite the sparse amount of instruments. As for production overall, it sounds very clean, though it sounds like there is a tiny bit of clipping at times, can't quite put my finger on it. Anyway, very good job, keep it up!

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