Im new to the forum , and went to my collage for a guitar audition for a club but it was a disaster and i totally froze.

Im a shy guys , never played im front of other and i hav stage fright. I play a schecter hellraiser and no other guitar in which can play pretty easily like solos of afterlife,fear of the dark ,etc , so in the audition i couldn't take my guitar and as i have no experience with other players and musicians, when i was provided another guitar i just could get used to it. I totally froze.I could coordinate the sweep picking parts or even the fast licks properly .

So is there is a thing to be used to one guitar(i used to play acoustic but it has been 2 years since played an acoustic one) that i cant play any other guitar properly or its just im not good?
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Fixation on the instrument as the problem is a way of avoiding the issue. You were nervous, you froze, and didn't perform your best. Some of that may have been from being uncomfortable with the guitar, but that wasn't the root cause. You said it yourself - you have stage fright, that's all. It's a fixable problem.

Performing in in tough situations where you feel uncomfortable is a skill that a lot of people have to practice just the same as scales or arpeggios. One poor performance doesn't mean you aren't good, it means you need to practice performing with people. Put yourself in the situation again, as hard as that may be. It will become more routine and you'll eventually be able to show off what you can really do for others.

Good luck. Keep at it. Use your guitar when you can, it will help you feel comfortable, but be mindful of what's really holding you back from doing your best.
It happens. Really, the only way to fix this problem is to keep playing in front of people. I've been playing in bands for about 10 years now and I STILL sometimes get nervous before some gigs.
I still have a bad feeling about what happened ,making mistakes not reaching the right note,etc. Thanks for clearing means alot.