Hello friends, would you be so kind to tell me if one thousand € seems like a fair price for a second hand ESP ECLIPSE II AHB DISTRESSED ( I believe it's the US version since it has only 3 knobs and and the cutaway is a bit smaller, the horn being less pointier)

P.S I don't know it's retail price; that's why im asking
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I would go a little lower, depending on how used it is of course. I don't think they make that specific model anymore, but that wouldn't really jack the price up in my opinion unless it's like an special edition anniversary thing or something.

They cost about €1,200 new I believe.

Hopefully someone comes and confirms or corrects me though.
Case included?
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Confirm the serial number with ESP to make sure it's legit.
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yeah, it does come with a case and it is a genuine model, barely used. (did the background check)