http://dollarpick.club/ is the website. Seems to be fair pricing also.
This link http://dollarpick.club/how-it-works/ shows the number of picks and types you get.

If anyone has used dollar shave club before and wants the same for guitar picks, this seems like the website.

They don't have a cool commercial like dollar shave club though so there's that. Have any of you used it before?
Is this real? It can't be. The prices are ridiculous. For $3 a month, you get 3 standard Dunlop picks. But you can get a dozen for a $3 and change. You can get a 6-pack of Jazz IIIs for $3. But it costs you $6 for 2 with this service. Not to mention that you get 3 picks for $3 but you only get 5 for $6. I hope this is a joke.
It offers some really interesting picks like Swiss Picks + Winspear Boutique Picks which I believe are hand made. This website seems like a convenient way to try new styles of picks each month rather than bulk order some dunlop standards. Who uses dunlop standards anyways? xD
I bought two guitar picks in 2013 that I’m still using. Of course they’re titanium and cost $13 each, but that’s still a lot cheaper than this.
12 Swiss Picks start at $9 and Winspear picks start at £4.50 so the only half-decent value is the $15/month package that gets you 6 Swiss picks and a Winspear pick. But you can't even choose the Winspear pick you get. If you spent $30 on picks, you could pretty much get whatever you want and you would have more than what you would have after 2 months of being with "Dollar Pick Club."