* LAST CHANCE TO ENTER TONIGHT* Hi! I run a blog at http://escaperouteblog.com/ and I'm currently looking for bands to be featured in a new campaign I'm running which features bands from up and down the UK from a city or town represented by a letter of the alphabet e.g. A could be for Aberdeen, B for Birmingham, C for Cardiff etc. If your band wants to be considered for the feature please fill in the application below! NOTE: bands must be of a rock/alternative/indie genre - I look forward to hearing your stuff! I will not be considering bands that post in the comments here so please fill in the form Thanks! https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1UHSeiRZ-tNMhVljJYdnjpUXC7yiGunpMhaNnvMAL9IQ/viewform
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Ах, так вы не пьете и не курите?
Хорошо для вас: вы здоровым умрете!